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I. A set of artworks explore relations between ideologies and their material effects.

We Need A Symbol, 2022, video still and quotation from Ghostbusters 2, video still from anti-mask rally in front of Los Angeles City Hall, digital print

Symbols are used to motivate and bring people together.  The challenge with symbols are their propensity for misuse.  In Ghostbusters 2 (1989), the protagonists are unable to enter the Metropolitan Museum of Art as it has been shielded with red ectoplasm.  Working to solve the problem, Harold Ramis as Dr. Egon Spengler concludes, "We need [elongated pause]... a symbol."  The ghostbusters use their ectoplasmic weapons to animate the Statue of Liberty and it carries them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Liberty's torch smashes through the glass ceiling of the MET and enables the ghostbusters to enter.  

In late May, 2020, anti mask protesters rally in front of Los Angeles City Hall to protest the Covid lockdown.  The conjunction of the phrase  "We need a symbol" and Liberty's irruption into the MET suggests for me the January 6 Capitol insurrection as a natural conclusion to misguided beliefs set in motion. 

II. A series of diagrammatic visualizations of 5-minute live stream data captures of the entire Twitter network tagging @realDonaldTrump on:
1.)  June 14, 2020, Donald Trump's birthday, Flag Day (above).
2.)  October 2, 2020, the day Donald Trump announces on Twitter he has been diagnosed with Covid.
3.)  November 7, 2020 the day Donald Trump is declared by the media to have lost the election.
4.) January 8, 2020, the day Twitter bans Donald Trump's user account, two days after the insurrection at the United States Capitol.

Additional artworks are available for viewing and/or discussion upon request.