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Installation views:

(front room, updated diagrams from group show Economies at ltd los angeles)
Burial Plot, UHD video, 15 minutes 6 seconds
Thomas Fire Landscapes, UHD video, 9 minutes 30 seconds
Development, Southern California, UHD video, 9 minutes 28 seconds
Transactional Processes of Fire-Prone Development, digital print, 18 x 24"
Land Risk Assessment, Centennial, Tejon Ranch, digital print, 18 x 24"
Summary Results of Value Extraction Processes, digital print, 18 x 24"
$76,174,303, Contributions for No on 10, digital print, 18 x 24"
Architectural Drawings of Proposed and Approved Developments in Downtown Los Angeles with Phrases from Local Television News Stories on Homelessness, digital print, 18 x 24"
Untitled 2019, concrete, ash collected from the Thomas Fire, 66 x 36 x 36"
Untitled (series), 2019, concrete replicas of burnt wood from La Tuna Canyon Fire, sandblasted steel, pigment, 48 x 8 x 1.5"

(rear room)

OCCLUSION, 4 channels, UHD video, 118 minutes10 binders, printed text on 8.5 x 11" paper
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