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April 20-28, 2019, California Institute of the Arts
Project Summary

In The Propositional Space, I turned an exhibition room into a week-long workspace for self-selected participants to dialogue and produce iterative artworks around notions of proposal as artwork and artwork as proposal.  I provided some initial examples of proposal works from Andrea Fraser, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Michael Asher, and Cameron Rowland.  The gallery room was left open at all times, and in this way, each person could find a way to produce in a way that maintained their selfhood while avoiding hierarchical issues of leadership and limiting rules.  During two-hour meetings in which people could freely come and leave, we asked questions about the space and participants were able to determine the project’s multitude of directions and forms in which conversations, prints, texts, photographs, happenings, performances, sculptures, and videos were produced.  I learned to create an environment which encourages the freedom to generate, to propose, and to communicate.

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