3 hours 16 minutes, UHD video, 59.94 fps

1.) As foreground, a programmatically generated video scroll of all the media acquired from a five-minute data capture of Twitter's entire network tagging Joe Biden or Donald Trump's user accounts across the mean time for noon in the continental United States on Election Day, November 3, 2020. Each photographic or video media is paired with the text from a corresponding tweet matching that particular media's post. The 2,607 individual media appearing across 20,886 tweets collected in the original data capture are sized in mathematical relation to their respective quantity of appearances within the five minutes. The scroll's duration matches the length of the fictional day in front of the Statue of Liberty, described below.

2.) As background, a fictional 3-hour 16-minute day in front of the Statue of Liberty constructed from a 27-hour, midnight East Coast to midnight West Coast recording of an Internet livestream of the Statue of Liberty, also taken on Election Day, November 3, 2020.

The work considers the present state of social media production, which finds itself blurred between aggregations of financed media power and individuated perspectives.  For me, the video work captured in front of the Statue of Liberty pushes forward a contemplation of idealist conceptions of liberty with respect to how they measure up in the present.  Further, I believe the video's relation to Warhol's Empire emphasizes a distanced, digitally compressed, fragmented representation of material reality whereby the recording device no longer needs to be physically present in front of the object of representation.